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We shall leave no stone unturned, no sherry unsipped, no tapas untasted……

Oldest Tapas bar in Malaga May 9, 2008

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At first glance, this appears to be an old, traditional bar with a few seasonal tapas available, usually seafood. However, it’s charm lies in the fact that it is filled with HUGE barrels of different types of sherry. You have to take pot luck and point at one, give it a try and then move on to the next. I’ve never been one for the tipple of grandma’s BUT I truly enjoyed my samplings. The bar staff just keep a running tab chalked on the bar next to you. It’s only a small place but is a very popular starting point for an evenings wandering and tapas tasting.
Address: Calle Alameda Principal 18
Directions: Look out for the BIG wooden doors. It’s situated on the main drag, the road that runs parrallel along side the port, near the flower sellers, next to large modern book shop.


One Response to “Oldest Tapas bar in Malaga”

  1. felipe, el senor de las bonitas ovejas Says:

    whenever i go for a little “surf” (as i believe it’s called in the modern vernacular) i always find you two somewhere, doing something interesting, and whenever i see that, i feel terribly homesick for my lovely andalucia. Perhaps another go at it at some point in the future in in order. until then, however, I am left to pine and whinge as i survey my hills and sheep. Once more unto the breach …….. Espero verte pronto. muchos abrazos y besos.

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